Tim Graham: Careening Away From Karine Jean-Pierre

The reviews are in for the new White House press secretary, and they’re not good. Politico ran a story headlined, “Karine Jean-Pierre’s tough debut: Unforced stumbles and press corps grumbles.”
Reporters Max Tani, Alex Thompson, and Allie Bice wrote that “it’s been a rocky first month” for Jean-Pierre, so bad that she’s already “increasingly found herself sharing the podium or splitting briefings with John Kirby,” who appears to be a “co-press secretary.”
“Some Black communications officials in and outside the administration” complained the White House “has set her up to fail” by having Kirby “hovering nearby and taking the lead on foreign policy.”
Worse yet, she’s become a GOP “punching bag,” and “her stumbles in several instances have made her appear underprepared — in moments quickly weaponized by the right.” Radio host Vince Coglianese calls her “Ka-ringe Jean-Pierre.”
Anyone who tunes in to the briefings can see it. She’s woefully underprepared. She’s like the Kamala Harris of press secretar …

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