Populist Press was founded by two American patriots who have a long history in American political news and with no ties to corporations that influence decisions on what is posted to this site. They were pivotal in assisting Stephen K Bannon with launching his very popular War Room Impeachment and War Room Pandemic podcast shows in 2019 and 2020.


Populist Press was founded in 2020 just 3 days before the November Presidential elections. We foresaw exactly what the media was doing to manipulate Americans and we wanted to ensure that Populists had a one-stop-shop for trusted news content. Matt Drudge started his website for Populists, however, over the years he slowly eroded his populist beliefs to align with progressive Democrats. We wanted to provide a new home for all the people who fled the Drudge Report.  We kept the same clean basic format but made one modification to refine the content to be based on time so readers can see the news in a chronological time frame.


We run a 24/7 operation 365 days a year. There’s always someone monitoring breaking news to give you the fastest updates to keep you informed.


Populist Press has never relied on social media, we built a fan base the old fashion way, encouraging readers to visit us directly so that our content distribution cant be stifled. We recently created a GETTR account for those who do want to receive your news on social media.


Readers have two unique options on Populist Press, they can click the headline which takes them to an intermediate on-site page for commenting with others about the article, or you can click the square icon after each headline which is a direct link to the source article similar to how drudge works.


Populist Press is still in its infancy and we are continuously working to make the site better, if you have any suggestions please contact us at [email protected]


NOTE* Populist Press receives NO compensation for links on the website. We post news that is relevant to the populist movement and from high quality trusted sources.


For corrections please contact us at [email protected]