The U.S. Should Prepare for Iran’s Next Revolution, as It Failed to Prepare for the Last One

It has been said that history does not repeat itself but does rhyme. The year 2023 may provide a significant example of that phenomenon, with events in the Islamic Republic of Iran paralleling those that took place in the country 44 years earlier and brought an end to the era of the Shah. There is good reason to believe that the mullahs’ era will soon come to its end, as well. And although the revolution that now threatens the theocratic regime is not identical to the one that brought it to power in the first place, there is much that the international community can learn from the relevant history.

In advance of the 1979 revolution, the Shah’s international supporters simply could not conceive of his regime being overthrown by a civilian uprising. In fact, in November 1978, William Sullivan, the US ambassador to Iran, sent the first cable to Washington which entertained this p …

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