Thanksgiving Proclamation 118

What a bad year. By every conceivable economic measure, the Biden administration has made your poorer. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down approximately 10% this year alone. That means your 401K has contains a lot less of your hard earned money. Couple that with inflation hovering around 13%, and your money looks like a wool sweater in a cage full of moths. But, not to worry, the Biden administration is moving toward launching a digital dollar — which will give them absolute control over your bank account. 

The FTX debacle, enabled by sleazy politicians like Maxine Waters, is a crisis that democrats certainly won’t waste. They’ll tighten the financial noose around your neck and leave you gasping for the good ole days when you could buy, save, and invest without the burning eye of Sauron blaz …

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U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt:
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