Stunning Development Emerges as Detail About Nashville Shooter’s Gun Is Spotted on Footage

A shocking detail about the guns used by a woman who stormed into a Christian school in Nashville on Monday and killed six people busts the narrative of those who were quick to call for more gun control in the wake of the tragedy.
I speculated on Tuesday, when viewing grainy images police released of the guns used by transgender shooter Audrey Hale at The Covenant School, that a carbine was among them.
As I presumed, there appeared to be one AR-15-style weapon chambered in 5.56 (or .223), one carbine — which is a long gun that shoots pistol ammunition — and one 9mm pistol.

It was unclear what caliber the carbine was, but I speculated it was chambered in either 9mm, just as the pistol was, or in .45 ACP.
Images of Hale strolling the halls of the school show her carrying the c …

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