San Francisco District Supervisor Who Called for Defunding Police Now Begging for More Police

Liberals are never, ever held to account.
San Francisco District Supervisor Hillary Ronen is “begging” for more police officers in the Mission District. Crime is out of control, and the city absolutely has to do something about it.

It’s a disaster! Somebody do something!

Life comes at you fast.
— Leighton 明 Woodhouse (@lwoodhouse) March 16, 2023

You have to sympathize with her and her constituents. Sure sounds like things are really bad out there. I wonder how any city could allow such a degradation in its policing capability?
Hillary Ronen is the one to ask. She led the fight to defund the police, after all.

After fighting to create Mental Health SF which redirects funds to mental health care crisis teams instead of police, I believe without a shadow of a doubt that SFPD is not where we should be putting our money.
But we have a big fight on our hands to make these cuts happen.
— Hillary Ronen (@HillaryRonen) August 17, 2020

1. Significant cuts to SFPD’s budget that will meaningfully start off a multi-year process to defund and reimagine policing in San Francisco.2. A reduction in the n …

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