Plastic Surgeon: ‘The View’ Hosts Are ‘Fully-Botoxed’ with $30,000 Worth of Injections but a Single Host Is ‘Clean’

Most episodes of “The View” end up devolving into some kind of shouty-fest. However, behind the scenes, there’s one thing that a doctor in cosmetic surgery says five of the six apparently agree on: Injecting a neurotoxic protein into your face every few months to reduce wrinkles is a darned good thing.
In an interview with the U.S. Sun published Monday, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich said that, in his opinion, the co-hosts of “The View” are “fully Botoxed,” with Whoopi Goldberg being the only exception.
Westreich, who hasn’t treated the women himself but drew his conclusions from videos, estimated the co-hosts collectively spend up to $30,000 per year on the treatments.

Why does this mat …

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