Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Sets Sights on House Republicans After Trump Indictment

For as much chaos and controversy that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg already has plunged the country into, it appears he’s not done yet.
On Thursday, the New York prosecutor’s office announced the indictment of Donald Trump — the first of a former president in the nation’s history — and in the process turned both the real world and the political world upside-down.
But while those worlds were still trying to process the divisive legal happenings, the Democratic district attorney made sure to single out one more entity he and his office were watching.

That entity would be Republican Party — or, at least, certain prominent GOP figures.
In a rather accusatory letter addressed to Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Bryan Steil of Wisconsin and James Comer of Kentucky (all Republicans) on Friday, Bragg’s office appeared to issue a warning to the triumvirate — while saying it wasn’t particularly keen on cooperating with them.

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