London School of Economics Decides Term “Christmas Break” is Offensive

The London School of Economics is set to change the names of its religious-affiliated terms and breaks, like “Christmas break” and “Easter break,” to be more inclusive.

The school will now use terms like Winter break” and “Spring break.” while other changes will include changing “Lent Term” to “Winter Term” and “Michaelmas Term” to “Autumn Term.”

The move to updating terms will commence in the 023/2024 academic year, providing “time to update relevant systems, processes, and content.”

The school also noted that the “term names will remain the same for the remainder of the 2022/2023 academic year, with key processes undertaken to amend our systems and communications from 2023/2024 onwards.”

“If this was an effort to secularise the LSE I’d be sympathetic,” Free Speech Union general s …

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