Jan 6. Prisoner Released from Federal Prison — Look Where He’s Going Now: Report

A “shamanistic” journey that began at the nation’s capitol is reportedly headed for the desert next.
According to multiple reports, including from the U.K. Daily Mail and KTVK, Jacob Chansley, perhaps better known as the “QAnon Shaman,” has been released from prison 14 months early and will be moved to a halfway house in Arizona.
Indeed, a cursory glance at Chansley’s Federal Bureau of Prisons record does indicate the “shaman” is in a residential reentry management (RRM) field office in Phoenix.

While this appears to be a drastic change from the original 41 month prison sentence levied at Chansley in November 2021, the Daily Mail reported that this is actually a “routine” development.
A Federal Bureau of Prisons representative broke down the exact math for CBS News reporter Scott MacFarlane:


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Bureau of Prisons statement to @cbsnews (continued)
“..These additional time credits were calculated during the last scheduled applicati …

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