Hurricane Myths

Hurricane Ian is gone, but the media’s myths about hurricanes live on.Reporters say the federal government must direct disaster response, as if only the feds have the knowledge and money to do it.“Debate is already growing about how big federal aid must be,” says CNN.Why?! Don’t they know that government has no money of its own? That everything federal bureaucrats spend is taken from the rest of us?They don’t think about that.Federal “disaster relief” is doled out after storms because, as a New York Times headline put it, “A Big Storm Requires Big Government.“But it doesn’t.My video this week debunks four myths about hurricanes.Myth No. 1: We need the Federal Emergency Management Agency for disaster relief.That’s just dumb, given FEMA’s history of incompetence.FEMA once spent millions on bottled water and expensive trailers for housing. Then they just left them on an airfield.Matt Mayer worked at the Department of Homeland Security during Hurricane Katrina. He says the federal government was just too bureaucratic to be much help.“States, locals, communities, neighbors” just do a much better job, Mayer told me.FEMA fails because, …

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