Everybody Wants the F‑35 Stealth Fighter

In another piece of evidence that the U.S. military is making the F‑35 Lightning II one of the most valuable weapons systems in the world, Lockheed Martin has been granted a new contract for parts acquisition for the stealth fighter. Announced on Oct. 4, the $115.4 million bid will ensure the F‑35 will not run out of spare parts. This contract will be in force until September of next year. 
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The Ideas Is To Not Run Out of Components
The contract is for diminishing manufacturing sources parts. These are critical parts that become scarce when a manufacturer or supplier stops making components in the middle of a program’s life cycle. The F‑35 is considered a priority program, so it is imperative to protect the airplane from loss of parts, items, raw materials, or software. 
The parts sourcing also helps international customers of the F‑35, an airplane that is becom …

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