Dem Strategist on Biden: “He’s F—— Old”

President Biden can’t escape questions about his age, a fact of life that’s causing uneasy Democrats to assess whether he can realistically run for reelection in 2024, when he will be 81 years old.

Conversations that were once whispered in private are spilling out into the public amid angst over a potential drubbing for the party in this fall’s midterm elections and existential questions about its future two years later.

Biden’s approval ratings haven’t recovered from a swoon late last summer, inflation is now sky high and worries are growing about a recession. 

It’s left some Democrats questioning out loud whether the party needs a different and younger leader in the next presidential race. 

“I think that Joe will run again, and his age will be a legitimate issue for many voters,” entrepreneur Andrew Yang, who competed against Biden for the Democratic nomination in 2020 before switching to be an independent, told The Hill. 

“Joe is already the oldest president we’ve had even before his p …

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