CNN: China Funneling Money to the Bidens Is A‑OK

The narrative about that huge flow of money from China to Joe Biden’s family has coalesced: “what’s the big deal?”
It’s perfectly normal for our biggest adversary to secretly send money to the Vice President and then President’s family. I mean, if you could help support the Bidens with a bit of extra cash, wouldn’t you?

So I guess CNN takes the view that the first family should be on the CCP’s payroll.
— Stephen Miller (@StephenM) March 17, 2023

Republicans always pounce, trying to make a big deal out of some minor peccadillo instead of focusing on the important thing, such as cutting off young boys’ penises or a young girl’s breasts. Keep your eye on the ball, folks!
Besides, the money involved came from a Chinese energy company, and we all know that Hunter Biden has extensive knowledge of energy companies, given his experience helping Burisma. The very same Burisma that was und …

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