Biden Suffers Massive Gaffe Within First Minute of SOTU Speech

Super Bowl Wednesday?
President Joe Biden appeared to forget when the biggest sports event in America will take place — within the first fifteen seconds of his State of the Union address.
Biden stated that first lady Jill Biden would be attending an upcoming “game tomorrow,” sarcastically claiming that he’d need a court order from Supreme Court Justice John Roberts to prevent himself from attending.

Biden’s remark was all but clearly in reference to Super Bowl LVII, in which the Kansas City Chiefs and Biden’s preferred Philadelphia Eagles will square off.
There’s one problem, however.


MTG Absolutely Loses It, Gets Up and Starts Yelling at Biden During the State of the Union

The Super Bowl is slated for Sunday, the day it always occurs. For the game to take place “tomorrow,” it would have to be taking place on a Wednesday — for the first time …

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