Adam Kinzinger Accuses Republicans of ‘Flaunting’ Guns, But Then Old Photo of Him Resurfaces

Since he fully descended into wild-eyed anti-Trumpism, ex-Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger has delivered one self-own after another, and he’s done it again — this time over the issue of guns.
The former congressman who had his seat redistrcted out from under from him by Illinois Democrats went on the attack against Republicans who he says have a “gun fetish.”
Kinzinger ran as a Tea Party Republican when he was first elected in 2010, but quickly became a down-the-line establishment Republican who turned his back on his voters when he thought moving left would benefit him. And indulging his penchant to moving left, he jumped to his Twitter account on Tuesday to attack Republicans who had worn pins resembling rifles.

“You can oppose a ban, fine. But the flaunting of guns and the gun fetish really bothers me,” the a …

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