1 in 6 Retirees Are Considering Unretiring

One in six retirees is now thinking about unretiring due to Bidenflation, which one analyst says “may be here to stay.”
Well, if Biden wins re-election, it will certainly be here to stay.

Patrice Onawunka laments in the far-left USA Today that the “financial insecurity” caused by inflation, which itself was caused by “reckless federal spending” may become permanent.

People have connected the dots between ill-advised government policies and harsh economic outcomes. Spending nearly $2 trillion dollars on government transfers to nearly every household at a time of supply-chain disruptions and exacerbated labor shortages caused inflation to accelerate. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and other production disruptions worsened it.
The Biden administration and congressional Democrats passed a climate change bill that they falsely labeled the Inflation Reduction Act in hopes of fooling Americans, especially seniors. The bill never addressed rising food, housing, or energy prices — the most basic and critical needs of households. Any climate savings would take years to come to fruition and could be offset by new costs for households — tens of thousands of dollars — on new electric vehicles. Meanwhile, the green subsidies cost more than three times what the law’s supporters claimed.
What could be more cruel than passing a bill called the Inflation Reduction Act that does the …

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