AOC: My $174k Salary Isn’t Enough to Start a Family

Far-left Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) believes it’s difficult for a “regular person” from a working or middle-class background to raise a family when they work in Congress, citing salary as a source of problems.
The comments appear to come from an Instagram story that was captured by former Washington Examiner reporter, John Gage.
In this portion of the story, AOC points out that only 10 women have ever given birth while serving in Congress, calling it “a very hostile place to have a baby.”
She goes on to note sources of such hostility, including having to attend scheduled votes and travel – in other words, the basics of the job.
But she also mentions several expenses necessary as a congresswoman. 
Ocasio-Cortez argues that lawmakers are forced to pay $25,000 in out-of-pocket work expenses and there is no housing allowance and no a …

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