Will US Attendees Oppose the WEF Plans for Global Tyranny in Davos?

What is surprising about the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos this week is the record number of U.S. Government officials attending the event. At least six cabinet heads, directors, and leaders from the Biden administration, and more than a dozen U.S. Senators, Representatives and Governors are attending, including FBI Director Christopher Wray, DNI Director Avril Haines, Special Presidential Climate Envoy John Kerry, and head of U.S. Agency for International Development Samantha Powers.

In the early Davos meetings, many attendees came to rub elbows with the influential, rich, and famous. WEF founder and chairman Klaus Schwab enhanced the venue by recruiting luminaries to speak at Davos. Dubbed “the Magic Meeting Place,” Davos gained the aura as a unique place where business and political leaders could “relax and open up.” And being seen at Davos became quite a status symbol. The success in inviting prominent political and business leaders and the elite …

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