Will Secular Conservatives Have Conservative Grandchildren?

Secular conservatives have done, and continue to do, great work on behalf of America, liberty and conservatism in general.But they will not likely have conservative grandchildren — and many will not have conservative children.

I know this because I speak with hundreds of conservatives a year in person and on the radio.I routinely ask these people these questions:“How many children do you have?“After they give me a number, I ask:“With regard to their holding your conservative values, what’s your batting average?“On some occasions the answer is “I’m batting a thousand,” but that is the rarest response. Usually, conservative parents have at least one child who has become a leftist — not a liberal, mind you, but a leftist.To be completely honest, though less common, this is often also true of religious conservatives. Many religious parents have seen at least one child not only reject religion, but conservatism as well.I will never forget a man who cruised with me years ago on one of my annual listener cruises …

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