Why Benito Going Bonkers Backfired

Posted: Sep 04, 2022 10:19 AM

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Did you see Joe Biden crash the 2022 campaign? Like a jetliner that slammed into a mountain, his little “Benito Mussolini LIVE from the third circle of hell” routine on Thursday has already made history as the worst speech in the history of American presidents.No one should have been surprised by it either. For the previous ten days Karine Jean-Pierre had been using much of the same language just minus all the dripping blood red lighting effects, and no Marines at her flank.In fact the Biden team have more or less been using this vitriol since coming to power but they had been disinclined to say the “secret part” out loud. Since none of that has worked we are now left with their double down, scabbed ripped off the wound, verbal diarrhea which supposed that anyone who disagrees with them is a “threat to democracy.”The only sad hope that they cling to is that their allies in the media will carry their water (which still may happen.) But they won’t succeed and there’s more than a few reasons why.The goal of indicting all who oppose the Biden failure on every policy point is an attempt to smear people that see through him.In 2020 Biden opened his campaign and attempted to run the enti …

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