Whoopi Goldberg Has Rare Moment on Sanity, But She’s Still Missing Something Key

Whoopi Goldberg said something shockingly insightful on ABC’s “The View” on Monday when she noted political correctness is so out of control that people are no longer able to keep up with what might get them canceled.
Goldberg blew the whistle on cancel culture when she defended a Mississippi TV anchor and meteorologist who quoted Snoop Dogg earlier this month and hasn’t been heard from since.
WLBT-TV’s Barbie Bassett has been removed from the air after she discussed an expansion to rapper Snoop Dogg’s line of wines on March 8 and quoted him during the segment.

“Fo’ shizzle my nizzle,” she said.
Snoop Dogg used the phrase constantly in the mid-2000s. “Nizzle” is a derivative of the N‑word, which I either never knew or had blissfully forgotten.


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