White House Forced to Make Hilarious Edit to Biden Transcript After He Made Stunning Mistake

During his comments meant to celebrate Women’s History Month, President Joe Biden delivered such a wild gaffe that the White House had to doctor the official transcript of the event to paper it over.
During the Wednesday reception appearance alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, first lady Jill Biden, and Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, Biden was going on about the things he thinks he has achieved as president when he put his foot in his mouth once again.
Amidst this list of purported achievements, Biden, who is a major gaffer, tried to make a point about how he has made the country safer from guns, but boy did he botch the line.

After being interrupted by applause in the room, Biden then said, “but this builds on other steps you’ve taken and we’ve taken, like the most significant gun safety law in 30 years to help keep guns out of the hands of — to he …

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