When Will Congressional Republicans Notice This Biden Scandal Hiding in Plain Sight?

Now that
have narrow control of the House of Representatives, the GOP is investigating the
Biden administration
with gusto.

Still, Republicans seem not to have noticed one major foreign policy scandal that’s hiding in plain sight. 

As I
recently reported
, the rising scandal surrounding retired
senior official Charles McGonigal is perhaps the worst in the bureau’s history. Multiple sources have told me that McGonigal, while still serving with the FBI as head of counterintelligence in New York, shook down Balkan business people, most of them Albanian, in an audacious political corruption scheme worth many millions of dollars.

McGonigal apparently pulled off this unprecedented scam in collaboration with Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama, whose Socialist Party has ruled that small country for a decade. Contrary to Rama’s carefully cultivated image as a pro-American NATO stalwart and even corruption fighter, during his rule, Albania has in fact become the leading narco-state in Europe. As the Washington Examiner has
, Rama’s Albania has grown into an analog to Manuel Noriega’s Panama in the 1980s. For whatever reason, the Biden administration doesn’t appear to care.

Now others are starting to notice. 

This week, …

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