‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Puts Winning Contestant in a Wrestling ‘Hammerlock’

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak showed off his wrestling moves Tuesday after one contestant had a perfect day on the long-running show.
Contestant Fred Fletcher Jackson introduced himself as, in addition to being a teacher and a bar trivia host, a professional wrestler.
“You get paid to wrestle?” Sajak asked.

Poor dude just asked to buy a Vowel….
— Rob/1865 (@Rob1865_) March 22, 2023


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“Very little,” Jackson replied, adding, “But I do it, I do it for the fun.”
Then Jackson’s winning streak began, leaving the other contestants as little more than spectators.

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“You brute,” Sajak exclaimed at one point in the show.

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“Just because he’s a professional wrestler,” Sajak said.
“You want me to body slam him for you?” Sajak asked the other contestants as the audience roared. “I can do that.”
When the winning was done — totaling $75,800 — Sajak came out and demonstrated his wrestling hold on Jackson, which one fan ca …

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