Watch: Woman Loses it, Erupts at Mother After Baby Disrupts Meal at Restaurant — ‘People are Going to Jail’

What started as a regular family night out quickly turned into a unforgettable evening.
A woman was arrested at a Mexican restaurant in Mississippi after confronting a couple over their crying child, according to the Daily Mail.
In a video uploaded to TikTok by the child’s mother, a user named Madi, the woman could be seen screaming at a man about the child.

Warning: The following video contains graphic language that some may find offensive.
“Don’t bring your f***ing baby to a f***ing restaurant!” the woman screamed.

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@madipayneeHere’s the video with no music 🫤😂♬ original sound – Madi 🤍

The woman explained that the couple needed to leave, because “other people were trying to have a conversation.”
Other restaurant patrons were seen coming to the couple’s defense, which only seemed to escalate the …

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