Watch: Ukraine Used Drones to Drop Bombs on 36 Different Tanks

It’s a highlight reel and hype video worth watching. A Twitter user spliced together different footage from Ukrainian drones dropping unguided bombs. In the two-minute-long video, an astonishing 36 different Russian tanks are shown exploding into massive fireballs. It appears the drone doing the damage is a mere octocopter called the R18. This looks like a hobby drone, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. This thing is deadly and Russian tanks have no answer for it.Where Are These Drones Coming From?
The R18 has been developed for military use by a non-governmental organization called Aerorozvidka. These folks are determined to eliminate Russia’s military hardware by using drones and other “innovative tools.” The NGO has 10 civilian members and 100 people in reserve that help out the organization when they can.
Who Are These Guys?
The group was founded in 2014 during the Euromaidan protests and Russia’s annexation of Crimea. These information technology experts had an idea – why not pool their brains and experience to come up with new battlefield solutions and intelligence for the Ukrainian military?
Homegrown Battle Drone
By 2022, the group had indigenously developed the R18 to drop bombs and anti-tank grenades on Russian armor. The R18 has eight propellers with a range of 2.5 miles and can stay in the air for around 40 minutes. It can carry 11 pounds of munitions and hit a target from an elevation of 300 to 900 feet.
Modify Old Anti-Tank Grenades
These Ukrainian volunteers are crafty. They took an RKG‑3 or RKG-3EM Soviet-era anti-armor hand grenade then gave it a modified fuse and aerodynamic fins. These modifica …

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