Watch: This Is How Heroic Bodycam Footage of Nashville Shooting Compares with Uvalde

Last year’s shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, was arguably the single largest failure by adults to protect children in this country’s recent history.
But the response from officers with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department on Monday to a shooting at a private Christian school in the Tennessee city demonstrates people who put on the badge are without question willing to risk their lives to protect the most vulnerable among us.
The actions of those who were dispatched to the Covenant School deserve to be recognized, as they in all likelihood saved lives.

Tragically, there appears to be no shortage of evil people who are motivated by a sinister desire to harm others through mass killings — especially in schools.
It is a scourge on the country, and everyone wants it to stop. The issue is not partisan, even if varying proposals …

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