Watch: Rob Schneider Goes Off on ‘Fraud’ Will Smith for Oscars Slap During Controversial Rant

Comedian Rob Schneider doesn’t have a very high opinion of fellow Hollywood veteran Will Smith.
In fact, he thinks Smith is a straight-up “a**hole” and “fraud.”
Schneider said as much during a Tuesday appearance on the “Kyle and Jackie O” radio show.

WARNING: The following clip contains language some readers may find offensive.
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According to Schneider, Smith was “hiding … who he really is” for some time, but was eventually “exposed” during the 2022 Academy Awards.
During the award show, Smith became incensed after host Chris Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

This prompted Smith to walk up on the stage and assault Rock on stage by slapping him in the face — during the live TV broadcast — in a moment that has since been dubbed “the slap heard ’round the world.”
“He’s really an a**hole,” Schneider said.

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“He’s a liar, complete, utter fraud. It was exposed at that time [the 2022 Oscars].”
Schneider isn’t the only celebrity to criticize Smith in recent days.
ESPN host Stephen A. Smith also took aim at the actor on Monday, according to Fox News.

The celebrity sports analyst vowed not …

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