Watch: Kevin Spacey Cries During Interview, Forced to Leave Home After Huge Financial Blow

The once-beloved and now-disgraced Hollywood star Kevin Spacey has fallen on hard times.
Going back as far as 2017 (the height of the #MeToo movement), Spacey has faced a bevy of sexual assault and misconduct allegations from more than 30 men, as reported by The Cut. A number of the accusers claimed they were underage when Spacey allegedly assaulted them.
However, since then, Spacey has won cases in both New York and the U.K. related to the allegations, both of which found the accusations to be lacking evidence.

Nevertheless, the former “House of Cards” actor has been blacklisted in Hollywood — to the point that he is now broke.
During a Tuesday interview with Piers Morgan, Spacey broke down in tears after revealing his current financial woes.

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