Watch: Deadly Aggressive Creature Lashes Out at Startled Dad Who Finds It Curled Up in His Baby’s Stroller

A Tennessee couple with a young child received quite the shock last month when they discovered a venomous snake in their baby’s stroller.
The snake, which was identified as a copperhead, tried and failed to strike at the couple, who told WZTV in Nashville that they feel lucky they noticed the serpent before it could harm their infant.
Autumn and Tyler Maidlow of the city of Greenbrier spoke to the Fox affiliate about the situation, which proved deadly for the snake.

All three members of the young family were unharmed.
“My husband went for a walk with our baby in the wagon and left the garage open,” Autumn Maidlow said.


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She added, “I got home with groceries, and he put the wagon in the garage, and we took our baby out. We brought in our groceries and ate dinner, which took about …

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