Wall Street Is Increasingly Bullish on a DeSantis 2024 Run

GOP pollster Lee Carter discusses potential 2024 presidential candidates, telling ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast’ you can always tell who’s leading by who gets attacked the most, and Gov. DeSantis is that guy. Wall Street is starting to love Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s prospects in the 2024 presidential election so much that it is already eyeing stocks that will benefit, as well as those that could tank, if he wins the White House.Strategas Research Partners, an economic and market advisory firm run by the well-known market analyst Jason Trennert, is among the firms gauging the market impact of a DeSantis presidency, with a client report titled “DeSantis Winners & Losers Baskets.” The report, published last week, was obtained and reviewed by Fox Business. It bases its research primarily on DeSantis’s policy positions as governor of Florida. It is yet another indication that major financial players are betting that DeSantis ru …

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