Utah Cookie War Heats Up in Court

There’s a war going on in Utah – not over politics or drugs – but cookies.Crumbl Cookies, which has more than 300 stores in 36 states, has declared war on smaller competitors Dirty Dough (six stores in Utah and Florida) and Crave (nine stores in Utah and Florida.) And it’s setting social media ablaze.“Are cookies really worth suing over?” asked a TikTok user. For the founders of Crumbl, the answer is yes.A Crumbl Rocky Road cookie.Crumbl CookiesThe lawsuits started flying in May, when Crumbl separately sued Dirty Dough and Crave, claiming in part that both brands’ “packaging, decor and presentation” is “confusingly similar” to its own. Crumbl filed the suits in Utah, where it’s headquartered.Dirty Dough fired back with commercials mocking Crumbl.In one advertisement, a big SUV pulls up next to a kids’ lemonade stand. A group of men jump out, telling the kids to “shut down the entire operation.” A young girl replies, “Are you crazy, …

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