Untold Number of People Trapped at Site of Great American Tragedy

A brutal winter storm has unloaded fierce winds and driving snow on California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, stranding vast numbers of motorists near Donner Pass.
As of early Saturday, more than three feet of snow had fallen in areas such as Donner Summit, which lies along Interstate 80 northwest of Lake Tahoe, according to the Weather Channel.
Donner Summit and nearby Donner Pass bear the name of the party of settlers who were trapped in a snowstorm in 1846, as noted by Of the 81 members of the party who were trapped for months, only 15 made it out of the mountains alive.

The expedition became famous not only for the number of deaths, but also for the fact that survivors resorted to cannibalism, including the murder of two Native Americans.

California 2024 Blizzard …

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