Unsolicited Advice for Candidate Trump

It’s official. Donald Trump announced he’s running for the Republican nomination for president for a third time. And far be it for me to give advice to a man who is already defied the naysayers and critics and won that nomination the last two times out, but I’m a columnist, damn it, and if I can’t give advice to a candidate for president that he’s bound to ignore and never even see then what the heck’s the point?But, even more significant, I’m a Republican voter. And I have a hunch that my advice here… reflects the concerns and beliefs of many of my fellow Republican voters. And let me be clear… I have been a supporter of the president since he ran in 2016, when he was in office, and when he ran again in 2020. I’ve been a supporter of his post-presidency as well. And I recognize that this president has many enemies who have been trying t …

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