Ukraine, The Boxer?

I want to believe that Ukrainians in time will push the Russians out of their country. We have a prime example of a nation that did just that back in the 1980s, Afghanistan. I see Ukraine being able to do the same.

But, fighting in this manner, going “toe to toe” with Russia, may not be the best approach. A guerrilla-war approach — “hit but do not get hit” — worked for Afghanistan after nearly ten years of Soviet occupation.The failure of having accurate information and vital statistics about the amount of financial aid and military support Ukraine is getting from NATO countries, as well as support from countries outside the alliance, would allow us to evaluate the true state of this war. It is concerning that we are lacking this basic information. The piling of billions of additional U.S. dollars not only to defend Ukraine but escalate the battle, also warrants a serious review.I never bought Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s argument that if yo …

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