UK to Override EU’s Deportation Jurisdiction

The British government will finally be able to overrule European judges on the deportation of illegal migrants under reforms to the UK’s human rights rules to be introduced to the House of Commons on Wednesday.
Following the “scandalous” intervention by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to prevent a deportation flight of illegal aliens to Rwanda earlier this month, Boris Johnson’s government will publish its long-awaited Bill of Rights to the Parliament, which among other issues, will empower ministers to reject rulings from judges in Strasbourg, notably on the deportation of illegal migrants.
Though the UK officially left the European Union in 2020, the country is still a part of the Council of Europe and its subsidiary ECHR, as it is technically a separate institution from the EU, though so closely aligned that they share the same flag, anthem and are located in the same ‘European Quarter’ campus in Strasbourg, France.
Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary Dominic Raab, who will introduce the legislation, said according to The Times: “We will be making it crystal clear that parliament has the last word when it comes to the legislative function and the [London] Supreme Court has the last word when it comes to the judicial function.
“We will be very clear that UK c …

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