U.S. Refiners to Urge Biden Against Fuel Export Ban

Top energy company executives will try to convince the White House Thursday not to ban fuel exports in a desperate bid to bring down eye-watering gasoline prices.

The emergency meeting led by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm follows weeks of mudslinging between President Biden and oil companies over the cause of the intense price spikes affecting millions across the globe.

On Wednesday, Biden called on Congress to pass a three-month suspension of federal gasoline and diesel taxes, a proposal that has previously been criticized by members of both parties. 

The president previously accused oil companies of profiteering and charged that they are not refining or drilling enough to address price increases caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, drawing pushback from the companies and ridicule from critics who point out Biden has discouraged fossil fuel production and promoted so-called “green energy” for much of his administration.

President Biden speaks about gas prices in the South Court Auditorium at the White House campus on June 22, 2022.Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesIn the weeks leading up to the meeting, White House officials signaled to refiners that they were considering either a partial or full ban on fuel exports to help lower the domestic price of gasoline and diesel.

Granholm said Wednesday at a White House briefing that Biden hopes to win bipartisan support for the gas tax waiver, despite an initially lukewarm reception.

Asked about the industry’s unease with a possi …

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