Typo on Progressive New Barbie Box Mocks the Very People It’s Supposed to Honor

Mattel is taking a bit of heat after revealing its Barbie doll tribute to America’s first female Cherokee tribal chief, Wilma Mankiller — especially because of an embarrassing typo on the box.
If you are unaware, Mattel has been using its Barbie line to showcase a long series of woke topics and personalities, including transgender, lesbian and minority dolls.
The new entry in the brand’s Inspiring Women series honors Mankiller, who led the Cherokee Nation for a decade, ending in 1995, The Associated Press reported.

Mattel, which had a hit this year with a woke movie based on Barbie, announced a special ceremony Tuesday to unveil the Mankiller doll in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the Cherokee Phoenix reported in November.

Siyo, Barbie! 👋💖 Come celebrate the Wilma Mankiller Barbie with us!
This celebration includes The Wilma Mankiller Foundation, the Wilma Mankiller family and the Cherokee Nation — all who celebrate the legacy of Wilma and her presence in @Barbie’s Inspiring Women Series.
— Cherokee Nation (@CherokeeNation) December 3, 2023

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