Two climate activists indicted for pouring red powder on Constitution’s display case

A pair of climate activists were indicted Thursday, accused of pouring red powder on the Constitution’s display case in the District of Columbia’s National Archives rotunda.
Donald Zepeda, 35, of Maryland and Jackson Green, 27, of Utah were charged with felony destruction of government property.

The staining came on Feb. 14, said the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia.

Cleanup efforts following the stunt cost more than $50,000, prosecutors said in their release Friday, and the rotunda was closed for four days.
No damage was done to the Constitution itself, the National Archives said in a release.
The two men are members of the Declare Emergency group, which said in a statement that the actions were “taken on Valentine’s Day out of love and respect for our fellow citizens whose constitutional rights …

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