“Trump Ignored China Spy Balloons” Story Turns Out to Be a Total Lie

Karen expressed appropriate skepticism about the story that Biden defenders were pushing that Trump ignored 3 incidents of Chinese spy balloons crossing the United States.

Biden partisans pushed the story hard, claiming that Slow Joe was Maverick from Top Gun, while Trump meekly took it when China did the same thing during his administration.
The story appeared in the MSM, of course, and Biden toadies were all over Twitter with posts like these endlessly repeated:

China Balloon Scoreboard:Biden: 1–0Trump: 0–3
— Jared Moskowitz (@JaredEMoskowitz) February 5, 2023

For those keeping score at home:
Chinese Spy Balloons 3, Trump 0
Biden 1, Chinese Spy Balloon 0
— Tristan Snell (@TristanSnell) February 5, 2023

Of course, we all knew the story would turn out to be a fabrication, and indeed it is. The goal was to implant the idea in people’s heads that Biden was a strong leader, even stronger than Trump. More importantly, it muddied the waters.
Now that the idea is out there, the story is starting to change. Not a little, but a lot.

Wow their lie is changing
Now they’re saying they didn’t “discover” the Chinese spy balloons until *after* Trump left office and won’t disclose how they know that
They’re also saying the balloons fl …

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