Trans Winner of Women’s Half-Marathon Takes Pleasure Rubbing Competitors’ Faces in His Dominant Victory

What would you call a professional track and field athlete who joined a middle school team and broke every record?
You’d call him a cheater.
What would you call this athlete if he took it even further, mocking his competitors by saying that he won even though he was “embarrassingly slow”?

You’d call him an immature bully.
In no universe would anyone call such a person a winner.

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But that’s what we’re expected to call Kae Ravichandran, a male identifying as transgender who ran a New York half-marathon in the women’s category and won.
Ravichandran finished the 13.1‑mile race in Altamont in one hour and 24 minutes on Nov. 19, beating second-place finisher Amanda Aussems by a whopping six minutes, according to Fox News.

Had he competed in his own division, he would have plac …

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