Time for Tough Questions About Ukraine

Just before the battle of Manassas, Confederate Secretary of War LeRoy Pope Walker famously claimed that he would be able to wipe up the blood spilled with his pocket-handkerchief. 

He was wrong. No one could have predicted that when the United States first sent advisors and military aid to South Viet Nam that it would lead to such a long and expensive (in both blood and treasure) war. A war that ended with an American withdrawal and a Communist victory. But that’s what happened. Much the same can be said of our vain attempts to save Afghanistan from a virulent strain of militant Islam. History is replete with political and military miscalculations. The tragic costs of those mistakes are borne by ordinary people, especially by the young. Before we dive deeper into the boiling waters of the conflict between Ukraine and its Russian cousins, some tough questions need to be asked. The first and perhaps most uncomfortable question is why? Why did …

U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt: