This Water Crisis Could Last 10 Years: Many Fleeing City Amidst ‘Hopelessness’, But 1 Group is Fighting It

Hundreds of thousands of Americans don’t even have clean drinking water.
The problem is taking a serious toll on one Mississippi community — so much that the city’s residents are fleeing for other towns and cities.
Jackson, Mississippi has lost 10 percent of its residents in the last decade alone, in great part due to faulty water infrastructure, according to WTXF-TV.

Weak, aging water pipes have left residents of the state capital with inconsistent water service.
Jackson residents have struggled for generations with water outages, including one that developed over Christmas, according to Mississippi Today.


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In an interview with Fox News Monday, Fred Womack of Operation Good discussed his organization’s work to help the citizens of Jackson amid a problem many wouldn’t expect to exist in the United States
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