This Isn’t Over, They Still Want Your Money

You’d think the geniuses behind election fundraising would give it a rest once the election happens, but you’d be wrong. Wouldn’t it seem to you that in the immediate aftermath of what you’d been working for over the last year you might want to at least have a nice, long weekend to unwind? But those rules aren’t going to rip off themselves – a fool and his money need to be separated – so the grifters are still hard at work.The unbelievably insane slowness of the vote counting is fertile ground for bizarre justifications for conning people out of more of their money. The Georgia run-off election is at the top of the list for these scam artists. It’s the last remaining action, one more time to pretend they can influence votes, and they aren’t about to waste it. Starting election night, the emails began flowing. Fundraising gold in Georgia, they write “now that it’s going into a runoff, the …

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