‘The View’ Co-Host Tells Fans to ‘Send an Ambulance’, Sparks Concern After Partying Four Days in a Row

Some devoted fans of a co-host of “The View” are concerned after a series of social media posts.
The fans have been worried by Ana Navarro’s posts in which she documented her experiences at a multi-day Indian wedding.
Navarro urged her fans to “send an ambulance” in one Instagram story — a choice of words that got the attention of her followers, according to The Sun.

The Democratic pundit was smiling and wearing a gold-colored dress in the story question, making it almost certain that the reference to an ambulance was an exaggeration.

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In another post, Navarro suggested the stream of social events associated with the event was exhausting.
“@chacha_cardenas and I gonna be in bed all day, until I have to get up for Day …

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