The Left Isn’t Happy Unless They’re Miserable

The American Left still isn’t happy. Even after defying all expectations in the not-quite-yet-concluded midterm elections, there is rage percolating up among a lot of liberals.

Democrats had a good night Tuesday, largely beating back the headwinds of an unpopular president, high inflation, a shaky economy, rising crime and historic midterm election patterns. Any Republican majority in the House will be razor thin and Democrat control of the Senate is an even money bet. Yet there’s still wailing and gnashing of teeth among the Left.This unhappiness appears to be chronic. The recent American Family Survey found that liberal women were roughly half as likely as conservative women to be happy with their family life, their mental health and their life in general. Liberal men were slightly less unhappy. Why?By definition, the American Left believes in Marxism to varying degrees. They may deny this because they do not read or understand Marxism but they demonstrate their belief by voting for Progressive and Democrat candidates, many of whom embrace Marxist ideas.Consider this draft of the Communist Confession of Faith. (Yes, like the Westminster Confession of Faith, only really bad.) Near the top of this Confession, it states that the aims of communism will be achieved, “by the elimination of private property.“One principle in this Confession is illustrated by author Frederick Engles’ assertion that, “The happiness of the individual is inseparable from the happiness of all.”
Then we have the proletarians, which is anybody who works for a living. According to the Confession, proletarians are worse off than slaves because slaves have a …

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