J6 Panel Promised Bombshell, Delivered Dud

After an unruly crowd stormed the capitol on January 6th, the House of Representatives impeached Trump for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” They alleged that Trump had “incited an insurrection.”The mischaracterization of the incident as an insurrection was the most extreme hyperbole and the allegation that Trump incited it not even rooted in reality.But the Democrats desperately wanted — even needed — it to be an insurrection, as did they need Trump to have incited it, because they intended to prevent Trump from ever holding elected office again. The Constitution disqualifies any such person who has engaged in insurrection.After the Democrats failed to get a conviction in the Senate, they hurriedly put into motion a desperate, secondary effort to prevent Trump from challenging them in the future: the formation of the J6 committee.Unlike their previous failed effort, which depended upon a bipartisan consensus, the J6 committee needed no such consensus. It was comprised exclusively of pro-impeachment, anti-Trumpers, who were all determined to see Trump convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.The J6 committee’s purpose was to create the crime they wanted to accuse Trump of having committed — inciting an insurrection — and then to create the evidence they believed would be needed to get a conviction. In other words, they weren’t investigating a crime, they were manufacturing one.But to get a conviction, the committee would have to convince the Justice Department to bring criminal charges against Trump and this required proving that Trump had acted with “corrupt intent.” Because the crime was manufactured, the J6 committee would have to manufacture evidence.We saw that ‘evidence’ at Tuesday’s ‘surprise hearing.’While it may have bee …

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