The infant formula shortage is a national crisis

An alarming shortage of infant formula has families in a panic as they struggle to find the products they need in grocery stores and online.

crisis has occurred
for more than a year now and was severely exacerbated by a February recall of powdered formulas manufactured in one of Abbott Nutrition’s plants. The supply chain breakdown plaguing other manufacturers has only made things worse. Yet few solutions, if any, have been proposed to help families in need.

The federal government
mentioned the crisis publicly
for the first time this week, with White House press secretary Jen Psaki assuring parents that their children are a top priority for the Food and Drug Administration. But the urgency that the situation requires hasn’t seemed to set in. Indeed, the FDA
this week that there is plenty of baby formula floating around the market because other manufacturers are ramping up production. The FDA’s only suggestions for desperate parents? Meet with healthcare professionals to discuss changing feeding practices, consider using potentially tainted f …

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