The Great Baby Formula Shortage of 2022

Posted: May 14, 2022 12:01 AM

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That’s the big news story of the week.In the richest country in the world, new mothers are not able to find baby formula or are having to stand in line for hours to get it.That problem is at the top – for now – of the growing pile of economic blunders and social miseries that Joe Biden and his failing policies have caused the American people.Our Teleprompter-dependent president denies any responsibility for screwing up the country in any way, but every voter knows the grim list.In just 15 months on the job – or pretending to be on the job – he and his collection of left-liberal “experts” have brought us 8 percent inflation, sky high gas prices and food shortages.And don’t forget supply chain disruptions, 5 percent mortgage interest rates and soaring crime rates at home, plus an unnecessary and increasingly dangerous entanglement in a war between Russia and Ukraine.On Thursday, the Biden administration finally acknowledged the baby formula shortage, blamed greedy formula makers and put forth the usual blather but of course took no responsibility for it.When COVID was exported by China to the U.S., President Trump launched “Operation Warp Speed” to produce vaccines in record time without the usual lengthy FDA rules.What we n …

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